Honeycomb toffee: The story of sugar

Even though we all know we should avoid eating too much sugar, this white or brown luscious substance is an elementary part of our daily diet. Every culture around the world has its beloved sweet confectioneries to be proud of. It is not to say much to that, say since sugar has conquered the world, it has become an essential element of most of the cuisines of both Eastern and Western cultures. 

Vera Stepenski

We enjoyed a chocolate candy workshop at this place very much. The communication with Peter was quick and easy. Also, it was easy to arrange and pre-pay the workshop via paypal. We celebrated my son's birthday and we all enjoyed the experience. Peter was great, didn't talk too much, showed and explained to us what to do, the length of the workshop was perfect. The space is beautiful. Would recommend to anyone!


Alex Badinici

Great handcrafted chocolate and sweets with loads of good vibe and creativity around. Apart of interesting chocolate workshops they host cultural events like poetry nights or traditional Hungarian dance classes with genuine dance masters. Warmly recommend this sweet gem!


Chocolate hypothetically helps winning the Nobel Prize

As an academic study shows there is a clear sign that chocolate makes us more intelligent. More precisely the study claims that a country where people are more in love with chocolate has more Nobel Prize laureates
than countries where the national average of chocolate consumption is lower.

How does chocolate affect the cognitive function?

The role of chocolate in the Maya civilization

The Mayas did love chocolate but not in the way how we love to treat ourselves with a piece of fine dark chocolate after dinner. For them chocolate was sacred, a crucial part of their identity and it had a significant economic value. The Mayas gave special importance to chocolate both in a spiritual and in a material sense.


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