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Custom Workshops

Whichever day and time works best for you
Minimum group of six participant (25€ per person) Price varies following number of participants. 
Please contact us for a personalized offer
Duration: 2 hours

Further information:

Email us at
Call us on (+34) 931 802 983
Pop by c/ Palau 5, Barcelona

Sweets from around the world

A global audiovisual adventure to discover different kinds of traditional sweets. We’ll travel to candy workshops and street stalls on every continent and hear about the unique ways sweets are made in different cultures, using weird and wonderful tools and processes that come close to alchemy. At the end we’ll make some sweets of our own.

Tasty sweet tapas

We’ll make some tasty sweet tapas to three different recipes by mixing jellies, ice cream, sponge fingers and chocolate inclusions to create an explosive taste sensation! We’ll use a range of confectionary techniques to create mouthwatering morsels and give you a glimpse of what you can make at home for dessert.


We’ll teach you how to make sweets at home with whatever you’ve got to hand, using moulds and cutting them out. You can take your sweets home with you at the end, although whether you keep them for yourself or give them to someone as a gift is up to you…

Homemade marshmallows

We’ll choose the tastiest and easiest recipes for homemade marshmallows – some with a very special twist! You can take your mouthwatering creations home with you at the end.

Hard candy

The trickiest bit to craft candy. This capricious, magical substance makes for great fun in the kitchen. By the end of the workshop, you might not have yet become a master confectioner, but you’ll have got a feel for this hot sugary mass and made some fun shapes to impress your family.

Indulgent ideas for chocolate

We’ll explore different chocolate recipes and ideas you can try out at home. Personalised chocolate bars, clusters and lollipops and lots of tips for decorating cakes at home.


Creative chocolate

A fun-filled workshop where you can unwind and give your imagination free rein! We’ll make brightly coloured sculptures and other ephemeral artworks using combinations of chocolate and sweets made here on the premises.